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Tips on How to Control house Pests

I am pretty sure that almost all homeowners are having a headache with regards to house pests like rodents such as rats, cockroaches, house flies and even ants. Many might have thought of using insecticides but eventually have given up using them because it is hazardous to human health especially to infants. Well, you can use some of these following tips for you to control the problems brought about by these pests.

  • For houseflies, you should see to it that trash or garbage cans are properly sealed. Make sure that the screen doors are of open-close structure to prevent flies from entering your house when they are opened. Install window fans that produce towards out of your house. Make your own bait by mixing a pound of sugar, one pound baking powder, two ounces baking powder, six oz. fish meal, one fourth cup honey and two tbsp. water. Freeze in ice cube trays. Dissolve one cube in one quart of water and set container in the infested area.

  • For rodents such as rats, make sure to seal all the possible passages of rats. Never ever leave any food leftovers for these are the targets of rats. Rats have sharp smelling sense so it is also possible to set a trap for them.

  • For ants, seal all of their entrances like cracks on the walls of the house. Place foods on plastic containers with snap-on lids. Maintain the cleanliness of trash cans. Warm water or water with soap is the best thing to use as spray to the ant’s dwelling place.

  • For cockroaches, it is preferably advised to use dehumidifiers for these pests are fond of housing to places with good humidity. Clean all places that are possibly to be their breeding ground such as dumped newspapers. You can also use boric acid bait to rid of these pests.

Controlling pests is not that hard. Just try to follow these simple tips for you to rid of your headache with these pests trying to cohabit with you.


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